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Dust Control Mats

Our Mat service consists of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly lift and lay of your dirty mats for clean ones, depending on your requirements. All our mats are laundered in a state of the art laundry where they are warm washed at 46 degrees centigrade to ensure the mats are bacterially clean and the pile of the mat restored to optimum efficiency.

"Can you not vacuum a mat?" is a question we are often asked. The answer is only to a certain degree. The average domestic vacuum cleaners are, on average, only 30 % effective in picking up dirt and soiling in the carpets. This is because this soiling penetrates deep into the carpet pile where it becomes inaccessible to the suction effect of the cleaner.

The effect of dirt in a building is:-

On carpets, the dry soiling acts like a jagged cutting tool to damage the carpet fibres every time it is trodden in. Its microscopic make up also allows it to be swept into the atmosphere where it swirls and settles on high surfaces, leading to further costly cleaning.

In the same way that you can't clean your clothes from dirt, stains or bacteria by vacuuming; you cannot with mats. The most effective way to clean a mat is to launder it - which is where Rathbone Cleaning comes in.

On tiled floors, these jagged edges have an abrasive effect which scuffs, dulls and eventually damages floors.

All our mats are made in state of the art factories under rigorous quality control to ensure that mats offer exceptional wear characteristics and a long life.

All we ask for is a signature from you at the end of each exchange.